28th EFFoST Conference, Uppsala, Sweden

EFFoST Annual Conference

Uppsala, Sweden

25-28 November 2014

Innovations in attractive and sustainable food for health

28th EFFoST International Conference | 7th International Food Factory for the Future Conference

25-28 November 2014, Uppsala Konsert and Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden

Conference Chair

Lilia Ahrné, Food Science Sweden Leader, SIK, Sweden

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The 28th EFFoST International Conference will be held in Uppsala, Sweden from 25-28 November 2014, together with the 7th International Conference on the Food Factory for the Future, under the theme: Innovations in Attractive and Sustainable Food for Health. The conference will be organised by Food Science Sweden (FSS) and the National Committee for Nutrition and Food Sciences of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) on behalf of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST).

The EFFoST conference will bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, policy makers, industrial professionals and managers, entrepreneurs and students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas and research results leading to Innovation in Attractive and Sustainable Food for Health.

The scientific content of the conference will enhance the role of food in a number of the major societal challenges such as public health, the ageing population, globalization, climate change and energy supply, as we look for innovation opportunities at the interface of scientific disciplines. Sweden has strong leading research and significant international networks within important scientific areas (food and agricultural science and engineering, and the allied fields of nutrition, health, sustainable development, logistics and packaging). Furthermore, cooperation with the Food Factory conference is an ideal opportunity to broaden the topics to include innovative solutions for future food production.

We are looking forward to making the 28th EFFoST International Conference a dynamic and trend-setting congress, bringing together the most innovative aspects within the scientific community, in the unique and inspiring setting of the Uppsala Konsert and Kongress.

Topics will include:

The conference with address the following themes:

  1. Food and Health (health-promoting bioactive compounds in foods)
  2. Processes/technologies for the design of foods with added value
  3. Resource efficient technologies and production systems (water, energy, byproducts)
  4. Environmental assessment of food production and consumption
  5. Safety throughout the food chain (hygienic design and contamination control)
  6. Efficient manufacturing processes (robotics, automation & food control)
Food Factory Conferences

Since 2001, Food Factory conferences have been jointly organised by SIK (Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology) and the Laval Mayenne Technopole. They take place every two years, alternately in Göteborg (2001, 2006, 2010) and in Laval (2004, 2008 and 2012). A significant event in the food processing industry sector, this symposium has a dimension both European and international. Its goal is to develop a scientific and industrial community who will periodically meet over issues relating to food safety of the future. EFFoST sees cooperation with Food Factory as an ideal opportunity to reach a wide audience interested in hygienic design and contamination control; novel processing technologies; automation and food control; and environmental impact reduction.

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